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Thermecro Solar Heating

Thermecro Solar Heating from Elecro


The Thermecro Solar Pool & Spa Heater by Elecro


  • Unrivalled design for pools and spas
  • The most efficient way of harvesting the sun’s energy 
  • Absorbs up to 92% of radiation that strikes the collector 
  • Delivers heat regardless of ambient air temperature 
  • Will heat your pool even on cold, cloudy winter days


Specifically designed for pools and spas from evacuated, cylindrical tubes using patented technology to absorb direct, diffused and reflected light and retain heat.


These solar panels are a Eco friendly solution with zero CO² emissions and extremely effective at harvesting 92% of available solar energy.


A Simple installation process to new build or easily retro fitted to any existing system


Effective in summer or winter, rain or shine they will offer you significant savings on energy bills.

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